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My name is Roman and my call sign is SQ2RH, these pages are about one of my hobby.
I enjoy ham radio and electronics since many years when I was still a teenager. I started this hobby in 1981 as SWL in Amateur Radio Club SP2ZCE in Rumia, founded by Jerzy SP2DVH (SK in 2016, one of the best CW operator I have ever known).
Since that time I am a member of Polish Amateur Radio Union (PZK - Polski Zwiazek Krótkofalowców) till now with a break from 1986 to 2002 for education time. Since 2002, until 12th October 2009 I was very active member of Maritime Radio Club SP2ZIE called "Schooner" in Gdynia.
The first "B" category license I received in June 2002, than I upgraded it up to "A" category in April 2005.
What I truly love in this hobby is home brewing, I am also the 6m enthusiast, satellite communications and digital modes are also in field of mine interest.
The first two ways SSB QSO I made on 21 July 2003 with the amateur radio station S58J at 21:06 UTC, based on homemade 20m/6m transverter connected to my first factory bought transceiver IC-718. The power delivered to the homemade 6m delta loop antenna was only about 300 till 500mW.
In 2004 I joined to the West-European measuring field of the Space Shadow Project where I acted as one of the European master station.
Since 2002, member of the Pomeranian Local Branch of PZK in Gdańsk.
Delegate of the Pomeranian Local Branch of PZK to the National Congress of PZK Delegates in 2020 and again in 2024.
From 2022, Vice-President of the Pomeranian Local Branch of PZK in Gdańsk.

In years from 2007 till 2023 I involved in a few radio amateur projects:

June 2024 "The 65th anniversary of the SP DX Club (1959-2024)" (Organizer and operator of the SN65D special event station.)

February/March 2023 "The 550th anniversary of the birth of Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-2023)" (Organizer, Operator, QSL Manager, PR, Webmaster)

In September 2022 "The 100th anniversary of the PORT OF GDYNIA, From 23rd till 30th September, 2022" (Organizer, Operator, QSL Manager, Webmaster)

In August 2022 "The 200th anniversary of the Polish Lighthouse ROZEWIE August 1st-31st, 2022" (Co-organizer, Operator, PR, Webmaster, QSL Manager)

In February 2020 "90 years of the PZK and 95 years of the IARU on the AIR" (Co-organizer and Technical Manager, PR, Webmaster, On-Line Log Manager.)

In 2016 "1050th Anniversary of the Baptism Of Poland" (Co-organizer and Technical Manager, PR, Webmaster, On-Line Log Manager.)

In 2015 "90 years of IARU & 85 years of PZK" (Co-organizer, PR, Webmaster, On-Line Log manager, etc.)

In 2012 "The European Football Championship 2012 on the AIR" (Co-organizer, PR, Webmaster and additionally QSL manager for SN2012GD)

In 2009 "The 100th Birthday of Dar Pomorza on the AIR" (Iniciator and QSL manager for SN100DP)

In 2009 "The Tall Ships’ Races 2009 Gdynia - SN2009TSR and SN09H" (Co-organizer and QSL manager for SN09H)

In 2008 "European Football Championship 2008 on the AIR" (Iniciator and QSL manager for SN2008P)

In 2007 "50th Anniversary of the SPUTNIK 1 and the 50 years of the Space Age, 1957-2007" (Iniciator and QSL manager for 3Z50SPU)

Other interests: Astronomy, space technology and science, electronic music (Jean Michel Jarre, Klause Schulze, Marek Bilinski (POL), Stive Morgan, Yakuro, Schiller, Madis (POL), Hans Zimmer, etc.).
Hope to hear you on the bands. Give me a call.
Vy 73

My radio shack today and in the past

Since 25-11-2018

Tested a new FT Xx-3000 plus my fixed set

in june 2019 I built Husarek DSP Home Made HF/6m DC Transceiver

100% constraction of Polish Hams. Read more

Since 2014 till now

FT-2000 plus IC-718, IC-M710, FT-857d, RADMOR G4 2m FM

In 2009

Tested a new IC-7600 plus IC-718, IC-M710, FT-857d, RADMOR G4 2m FM

HF+6m base transcivers My radio shack has hosted many transceivers depending on the time e.g. IC-718, IC-M710, FT-847, FT-857d, IC-735, IC-7600, FT-1000 Mark V Field, FT-450, QRP Plus, Clansman PRC-320 plus other home made and QRP equipment. The last one Yeasu FT-2000.
There is one very special rig in my radio shack, it is ICOM IC-718, my first brand-new base HF transceiver, this rig is nothing special from the technical point of view, it is easy to use quit small and quite strong performer, because it was first it has place here for long time, I suppose. I purchased this rig in the beginning of April 2002. Mine IC-718 includes (UT-106) AF DSP Unit, (CR-338) High Stability Crystal Unit and (FL-52A) CW/ RTTY narrow 500Hz filter (455kHz IF). I am very pleased to have this rig.

Since 11-08-2009

Tested FT-1000 Mark V Field plus IC-718, IC-M710, FT-857d, RADMOR G4 2m

Since 03-11-2005

Testied FT-847 plus IC-718, IC-M710, RADMOR G4 2m FM

My second rig, IC-M710 + IC AT-130E which is commercial grade MF/HF SSB/CW marine equipment.
I bought it from second hand as partly damage in the middle of 2004. IC-M710 is not typical transceiver, without very known functions like: VOX, ATT, P. AMP, COMP, MIC Gain and traditional tuning DDS/PLL, but after repaired and some additional adaptation changes it works grate on amateur bands, especially on CW and digital modes, delivering 150 watts of power, 100% duty cycle. As far as I know this model of transceiver is used by only few hams all over the world and probably only one in Poland, what makes it unique.

Since 2007 till now FT-857d

Since 2007 till now IC-M710

VHF equipment G4 (2m FM mode only with output powetr 10 watts), modified from professional RADMOR-3035 FM. RADMOR S.A. is the largest manufacturer of mobile VHF/UHF radio communication equipment in Poland. They produce handheld, mobile and stationary radiotelephones, retransmission stations, radio modems and data transmission modules, military radio communication systems including handheld, manpack and vehicle radio stations.

VHF/ UHF/SAT mobile equipment For the mobile operation in the beginning of May 2007 I purchased new Yaesu FT-857d + ATU LDG Z100. The Yaesu FT-857d is the world's smallest HF/VHF/UHF multimode amateur transceiver. Really, it is amazing how HF+6m+2m+70cm has been crammed in this little black box. Mine FT-857d includes DSP-2 (Digital Signal Processing Unit) and two additional crystal filters, 300 Hz for CW and 2300 Hz for SSB. In the end of August 2008 I fitted my FT-857d with external automatic antenna tuner model LDG Z-100. I would only observe that FT-857d is not as user friendly as base station transceiver, even very simple like mine IC-718 or IC-M710 but impressive price of kit and abilities makes it the same.

Historic and old military equipment


RX by MORS Gdynia (S/N:628/1968)


RX by MORS Gdynia (F/N:681393,SN:073-902)

Read more


RX by RADMOR Gdynia (F/N:7500682, S/N:120975)


Portable HF Mil Transciver (1981)

My antannas today and in the past

HF antennas my HF antennas system (current setup since 26 July 2014 till now) consists of one multiband GP7dx antenna. This is a multi-band (8 bands, 40m till 6m) GP type antenna specifically designed for DX operation, produced by my firend Waldek SP7GXP. This antenna is installed 5.5m above the ground on a steel mast that can be lowered for engineering and maintenance work. For 160m and 80m bands I use simple 2 x 40m dipol antenna.

GP7dx by night

GP7dx birds friendly

6m/ VHF/ UHF/ SAT antannas in the 6m band I use two antennas since 21-06-2015 homemade 6 elements yagi based on the YU7EF project and others homemade two 3-elements yagi antennas based on the DK7ZB project (currently not installed). 2m band (FM mode) is operated by simple home made J-Pool antenna, it works fine for local QSOs till max 30km. I use it for listening ISS and repeters too.
The second 2m/70cm antenna is QRB-300 duobander GP type antenna (Gain: 6.5/9.0dB, Lenth: 2.7m, Wavelength: 2x5/8, 4x5/8). This antenna is very similar to DIAMOND X200n I had in the past.
For amateur satellite operation I use home made cross band 2m/70cm arrow antenna.

6m 6el yagi

2m 70cm SAT Arrow Antenna