Present view of my radio shack, dated 15-09-2014


View of my radio shack in the middle of 2009

My radio shack has hosted many transceivers depending on the time e.g. IC-718, IC-M710, FT-457, FT-857d, IC-735, IC-7600, FT-1000 Mark V Field, QRP Plus, Clansman PRC-320 plus other home made and QRP equipment. The last one it is Yeasu FT-2000.
There is one very special rig in my radio shack, it is ICOM IC-718, my first brand-new base HF transceiver, this rig is nothing special from the technical point of view, it is easy to use quit small and quite strong performer, because it was first it has place here for long time, I suppose.
I purchased this rig in the beginning of April 2002. Mine IC-718 includes (UT-106) AF DSP Unit, (CR-338) High Stability Crystal Unit and (FL-52A) CW/ RTTY narrow 500Hz filter (455kHz IF). I am very pleased to have this rig.

My second rig, IC-M710 + IC AT-130E which is commercial grade MF/HF SSB marine equipment. I bought it from second hand as partly damage in the middle of 2004. IC-M710 is not typical transceiver, without very known functions like: VOX, ATT, P. AMP, COMP, MIC Gain and traditional tuning DDS/PLL, but after repaired and some additional adaptation changes it works grate on amateur bands, especially on CW and digital modes, delivering 150 watts of power, 100% duty cycle. As far as I know this model of transceiver is used by only few hams all over the world and I am sure that mine is only one in Poland and probably in Europe, what makes it unique.

VHF/UHF equipment:
G4 (2m only FM with output powetr 10 watts), modified from professional RADMOR-3035

RADMOR S.A. is the largest manufacturer of mobile VHF/UHF radio communication equipment in Poland. They produce handheld, mobile and stationary radiotelephones; retransmission stations; radio modems and data transmission modules; military radio communication systems including handheld, manpack and vehicle radio stations.

HF/VHF/UHF mobile equipment:
For the mobile operation in the beginning of May 2007 I purchased new Yaesu FT-845d. The Yaesu FT-857D is the world's smallest HF/VHF/UHF multimode amateur transceiver. Really, it is amazing how HF+6m+2m+70cm has been crammed in this little black box. Mine FT-857d includes DSP-2 (Digital Signal Processing Unit) and two additional crystal filters, 300 Hz for CW and 2300 Hz for SSB. In the end of August 2008 I fitted my FT-857D with external automatic antenna tuner model LDG Z-100. I would only observe that FT-857D is not as user friendly as base station transceiver, even very simple like mine IC-718 or IC-M710 but impressive price of kit and abilities makes it the same.


FT-857D FT-857D FT-857D FT-857D

LDG Z-100 Front View LDG Z-100 Inside View LDG Z-100 Rear View LDG Z-100 with FT-857D LDG Z-100 with IC-718
300 Hz Mechanical Collins Filter for FT-857d 2.3Khz Mechanical Collins Filter for FT-857d
Larger photos are stored in Photo Gallery LDG Z-100 section.

My collection of CW Keyer.

SQ2RH CW Keyers

Historic equipment produced in Poland/ Gdynia:
  • RX - MORS OK-102/I (Ser. no. 628/1968)
  • RX - MORS OK-102/II (Fab. no.681393, Ser. no. 073-902)
  • RX - RADMOR OK-106/8 (Fab. no. 7500682, Ser. no. 120975)