My antennas system (current setup)

HF antennas:

Since 26 of July 2014 till now a new GP7dx antenna. This is a multi-band (8 bands, 40m till 6m) GP type antenna specifically designed for DX operation. The antenna is installed 5.5m above the ground on a steel mast that can be lowered for engineering and maintenance work.

GP7dx Antenna

In the 6m band I use two antennas:
  • wire single delta loop (very often used at low power to 20 watts max)
  • starting 21-06-2015 I also will use yagi 6el based on the YU7EF project
  • others antannas homemade two 3-elements yagi antennas based on the DK7ZB project (currently not installed)

VHF/UHF antenass:

2m band (FM mode) is operated by simple homemade J-Pool antenna, it works fine for local QSOs till max 30km. I use it for listening ISS and repeters too.
The second one is QRB-300 antenna, it is duobander GP type antenna for 2m/70cm (Gain: 6.5/9.0dB, Lenth: 2.7m, Wavelength: 2x5/8, 4x5/8). This antenna is very similar to DIAMOND X200n I had in the past.

VHF/UFH satellite and DX operation antennas

Antennas for amateur satellite operations is cross band 2m/70cm arrow antenna.

In the pictures below you may see two yagis antenns (home made) based on the DK7ZB projects.

The first one is 7ele yagi antenna for 70cm band.
Gain at 432 MHz =10,5Dbd
3dB angle horizontal = 42,8 st
3dB angle vertical = 49,4 st
The feed point is 28 ohm at 433 Mhz

The second one is 5ele yagi antenna for 2m band.
Gain at 145 MHz = 9.0 dBd
F/B > 20 dB
The feed point is 28 ohm at 145 Mhz

On 30 June 2011 I changed my main DX antenna, I deinstalled my invention full size GP 20m antenna (which worked very well for DX'ing, but it was a little bit too noisy). Today I installed a new 20m rotatable dipole (SWR=1.0-1.6), which also works fine in 17m and 15m bands (SWR=2.5) without ATU. Now it is time for DX tests, for a few days I plan to add traps on 30m and 40m.

A new 20m rotatable dipol

In the end of July, 2009 I finished work on the construction of a new DX'ing antenna. This is a completely new design, which evolved from my previous design of my antennas. It is 100% my design and execution. What really is the antenna? This antenna is something between asymmetric vertical dipole and the GP antenna with only one radial. At this time, the antenna works very well in the bands 80/20/15m, minimum SWR = 1.2 at each of the bands. I planned expansion this design for next 40/10m bands.

In a short time with only about 50-100 Watts I made some new DXCC, which confirms the effectiveness of this antenna. Later I will present full design with full details of this antenna, let me finished this.

List of new DXCC made on this antenna: YB-YH Indonesia, S2 Bangladesh, PP-PY Brazil, LO-LW Argentina, K,W,N, AA-AK United States of America, J2 Djibouti, JA-JS Japan, JT-JV Mongolia, JY Jordan, 3B8 Mauritius, 3DA Swaziland, 5N-5O Nigeria, 5T Mauretania, 7T-7Y Algeria.

HF 14m GP antenna for DX-ing for lower bands.

In the middle of 2008 I made decision to build and test HF GP antenna for the lower bands. My first GP antenna consists of three sections of ALU pipe (6m + 4m + 4m), connected each others, total it was 12m. Unfortunately, few months later during autumn storm wind the antenna was broken. My QTH is a small village located about 20km away from the coastline of the Baltic Sea and is situated at a height of 173m above sea level. The quite strong wind here is almost the year.

GP antena base 12m GP antenna 12m GP broken antenna

The second version of this antenna was built in the beginning of 2009 with the 6m ALU pipe (55mm) + 8m fiberglass pole. From the mechanical point of view this antenna exercises without guy-ropes are pretty good. Thus, this summer, I plan thorough to rebuilding this antenna for the DX-ing purpose for.

14m GP Antenna Isolator for GP antenna 14m GP Antenna

In the past, more than three years for all HF bands I used wire antenna G5RV. Since the summer 2006 I used a new version of this antenna called "Better G5RV". This antenna was connected to my rigs via ICOM Automatic Antenna Tuner model AT-130E. I no longer use this antenna.

More photos are presented in the Projects section of this webpage.